2018-08-10 - Sylvaine - Abeyance
10/08/2018 - Sylvaine - Abeyance
Sylvaine - Abeyance

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2018-08-10 - Sylvaine - Abeyance

Découvrez 'Abeyance', le troisième titre du prochain album de Sylvaine qui sera dans les bacs le 2 novembre prochain.

Sylvaine parle ainsi du titre: "'Abeyance' is one of the most diverse and uplifting tracks on 'Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone'. The drums provided by Stéphane 'Neige' Paut, who also composed the bass line for the song, creates a groovy backdrop for a grave message embedded in the music, of humanity’s cruelty towards itself, as well as the inner decay and struggle we face within our human form. The video of 'Abeyance' tells a story of being restricted, held away from what once was and being unable to fight it. The feeling of watching the world and self unravel, without having the means to change it, being held in abeyance."

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