2018-09-07 - Black Market Enlightenment
07/09/2018 - Black Market Enlightenment
2018-09-07 - Black Market Enlightenment
Black Market Enlightenment

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 07/09/2018

"Lyrically, 'Black Market Enlightenment' explores a very dark period in my life.... a period of compulsive, daily substance abuse that began with me making a possibly misguided correlation between certain substances and spirituality, and culminated in me doubting that anything was real and being freaked out by my own existence. This artwork by Mario Nevado perfectly captures not only that lifestyle, but that ironic turn of events." - Nick Moss.

Un nouvel Antimmatter, Black Market Enlightenment, sortira le 9 novembre. Le groupe sera en tournée pour le présenter un peu partout, sauf en France bien entendu...

Nov 9 - 'De Boerderij', Zoetermeer, NL
Nov 13 - 'Protokultura', Gdansk, PL
Nov 14 - 'U Bazyla Club', Poznan, PL
Nov 15 - 'Geyserhaus', Leipzig, DE
Nov 16 - 'Liverpool', Wroclaw, PL
Nov 17 - 'Hydrogazadka', Warsaw, PL
Nov 18 - 'Zaścianek', Krakow, PL
Nov 19 - 'Randal Club', Bratislava, SK
Nov 25 - 'The Black Heart', London, UK
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