2018-10-26 - At The Edge Of Light
26/10/2018 - At The Edge Of Light
2018-10-26 - At The Edge Of Light
At The Edge Of Light

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 26/10/2018

Le prochain album de Steve Hackett, At The Edge Of Light, sortira peut avant la tournée Cruise To The Edge, le 25 janvier 2019.

“In these dangerous times, deep shadows feel even sharper than usual and we find ourselves standing at the edge of light... The contrast between dark and light weaves its way throughout the album in many ways, from the sense of good fighting evil through to the interplay of dark and light opposites magically combining in cultures, including the heartbeat of India and primal tribal rhythms. Ultimately, this album embraces the need for all musical forms and cultures to connect and celebrate the wonder of unity in this divided world.” Steve Hackett

1. Fallen Walls and Pedestals
2. Beasts In Our Time
3. Under The Eye of the Sun
4. Underground Railroad
5. Those Golden Wings
6. Shadow and Flame
7. Hungry Years
8. Descent
9. Conflict
10. Peace
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