2019-01-21 - krakow - the stranger
21/01/2019 - krakow - the stranger
2019-01-21 - krakow - the stranger
krakow - the stranger

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 21/01/2019

Façon anime, voici le clip de 'the stranger' du groupe Karkow. Un morceau tiré de leur album Minus sorti en 2018.

"Imagine a world where all you know to be true is also the opposite, that every truth has an alternate side, where there are heads on both sides of the coin and the mirrors point both ways. Doesn’t take much to make that leap of faith, now does it. But still, beyond the second truth may be another, and another, and yet another version of reality. Layers, levels, dimensions, infinite snapshots of moments frozen in time, always existing yet forever lost.

This is the gift The Stranger carries, as he walks towards you, kaleidoscope in hand and an inviting smile. Ahead of you is a journey through Krakow’s complete musical universe, a distillation of all that Krakow ever was or will ever be. All the same this is like nothing the band ever created before, a perfect song, a perfectly told story, a perfect snapshot of the Krakowian spirit."

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