2019-02-27 - Fleesh - The Beginning
27/02/2019 - Fleesh - The Beginning
2019-02-27 - Fleesh - The Beginning
Fleesh - The Beginning

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 27/02/2019

Look at me
Just a shadow on the wall
A while ago
I was so much more
I don’t recognize myself
Or my fake smile

Now everyday is the same
Everything’s grey

I once had a dream
Now there’s a vison
Of me lying on the floor

What have I done?

Same old story
Drowning in myself

I’m screaming in silence
Trying to make a sound
Running on the same old ground
Nowhere be found
Time fades away

Across the Sea de Fleesh sera disponible le 1er mars sur les plateforme numériques.

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