2019-07-05 - Rise - Dark Cloud
05/07/2019 - Rise - Dark Cloud
Rise - Dark Cloud

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 05/07/2019

2019-07-05 - Rise - Dark Cloud

Je vous invite à découvrir le magnifique morceau du groupe Rise. Le single 'Dark Cloud', riche d'une voix envoûtante, de percussion, de violon et violoncelle, sort clairement du lot.

Cold light on the bed.
Great lies in my head.
I couldn’t find my way back.
I cut my bit of wool.
I grabbed his hand like a knife.
Save myself and his life.
Sold down the river.
Something I said I’d never do.

And I’ve been under a dark cloud.
Save all the light in June.
Christ and you both say,
you’ll be be back real soon.

Give all your gold to the light,
make your way back home.
Like you’ve gotta get up and keep the fight.
The river will raise the demons out.

We’re all dancing with death,
the cold hand of truth.
Suck your face in the mirror now.
Don’t be afraid to shy back down.

She’s been under a dark cloud
Put out all the lights in June.
Coz Christ and you say
You’re coming back to her real soon.
We’ve been under a dark cloud.
Put out all the lights on the Moon.
Oh cut my inner circles out.
How much worse can I do?

Friends say you’ve been out of touch.
Took in on yourself too much.
Cut your hair and you cut your loss.
Who did we save?

Who did we save?

Christ and you say.
You’re coming back real soon.

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