2019-10-10 - Upon My Life
10/10/2019 - Upon My Life
2019-10-10 - Upon My Life
Upon My Life

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 10/10/2019

Ray Wilson nous propose un double CD intitulé Upon My Life, 26 titres tirés de ses 9 albums studio.

Disc 1

Come The End Of The World
Lemon Yellow Sun
Take It Slow
Ought To Be Resting
Constantly Reminded
American Beauty
Wait For Better Days
Bless Me
Show Me The Way
Easier That Way
Disc 2

I Wait And I Pray
Another Day
Song For A Friend
Not Long Till Springtime
She's A Queen
Ever The Reason
Along The Way
The Actor
Goodbye Baby Blue
First Day Of Change
Makes Me Think Of Home
On The Other Side
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