2020-04-10 - Fish on friday
10/04/2020 - Fish on friday
Fish on friday

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 10/04/2020

2020-04-10 - Fish on friday

Fish sera en direct sur Facebook ce soir à 19h pour répondre à vos questions.

"After talking to my web site guru Rob Skarin we thought the best way to deal with the advance questions for the 'Fish on Friday' Q and A' session was to use this post for people to add their questions they would like answered here so we can compile a list that I can refer to on Friday when I go live.

This means I have a fall back as the last session was so successful it was impossible to read the 'incoming' on the live feed. I'll still be referring to live questions but this is a chance to get them in early and give me a chance to think out answers to the more difficult ones

Please restrict yourself to one question each and avoid the obvious if possible to keep this interesting for both of us.

The next session starts at 6pm on Friday (BST) and will be live for at least an hour.These are taking place every week so don't be disappointed if your question isn't answered on Friday as there will be plenty more opportunities.

This week I'll throw on one of the new 'Weltschmerz' tracks on the hifi in the background at some point as an extra

The new mail order should be up and running end of next week as we are adding a lot of content to the new website and want to get it a lot more loaded for when we eventually launch.You can visit the current site here where you can find links to the remasters. Again please if you are ordering any of the signed 'Script' remasters or other vinyl please order separately and don't add other items. Our current site 'short circuits' on multiple orders that contain vinyls and to make sure we can process effectively and without issues the rule is 'keep it simple'. Please refer to a previous post on the timeline for more info.Thanks again for all your support and I'm looking forward to another session on Friday

take care, stay alive"

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