2020-05-25 - Allumez
25/05/2020 - Allumez
2020-05-25 - Allumez

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 25/05/2020

La délicieuse Joe Beth Young (Rise) signe sous son propre nom 'Allumez', un single folk psychédélique. 'Invisible Fishing' figure sur le face B du single, un titre repris en acoustique.

Joe Beth explique ici pourquoi elle a repris son nom pour la scène :
"Why have I returned to my real name now? I feel I have come out of the end of what has been a very long and at times challenging chapter in my musical path, but one of great learning, development, strengthening, growth and liberation. I hope that the songs from the last two albums will say more about that than I ever can. It was a moment of liberation to finally say I will never perform under any name but my own again. As confusing as I’m sure it’s been to some, for me, it’s a new dawn where I’m finally free of some hidden shackles. It's taken 2 years to do it but It's a name that can and will never be changed! It feels really good like anything is possible now. A firm foundation for the journey ahead.”

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