2020-08-07 - Meat Star
07/08/2020 - Meat Star
2020-08-07 - Meat Star
Meat Star

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 07/08/2020

Le groupe de metal expérimental barcelonnais Obsidian Kingdom, découvert avec Mantis en 2014 et qui deux ans plus tard nous livrait a year with no sun, revient cette année avec l'album Meat Machine, annoncé comme très corrosif.

"Reminiscent of the magickal works of Alejandro Jodorowsky or Kenneth Anger, MEAT STAR is a bizarre dream-like odyssey where symbols old and new walk hand in hand to convey a powerful message: the meaning of your existence will eventually find you, and the price will be some kind of death. MEAT STAR is a song about accepting hardship and pain as a means of discovering your true purpose, and the transformation and sacrifices you must undergo once you've committed yourself to that very goal. It is the soundtrack to the crucifixion, to the dismemberment of Dionysus and to the drowning of Osiris. It is an ode to the regenerative power of endings, once you’ve realized that surrendering is the only way to win."

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