2020-08-28 - Verticality
28/08/2020 - Verticality
2020-08-28 - Verticality

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 28/08/2020

Jo Beth Young nous livre un nouveau single intitulé 'Verticality' qui sortira demain.
Jo Beth Young est l'artiste derrière Rise dont nous vous avions présenté ici l'albumStrangers.

"Helen Ross (Scottish Violinist) and I were jamming after we had finished recording her parts on Strangers. There was an old piano in the corner of the hall we had booked with a few keys either missing or not working. We improvised a tune and Shiu who was listening wrote these words as a response. We later decided to improvise again and this time leave a mic in the middle of the room. I then sang the lyrics over the top in one take, again just following the flow of the song. It really was a moment of total magic! I had not thought of releasing it as a single, you can hear a few sounds in the room such as the fire crackle and the floorboards! but my backstage group and mailing list supporters really loved it and encouraged me to do so.". Jo Beth
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