2020-09-07 - The Reticent
07/09/2020 - The Reticent
2020-09-07 - The Reticent
The Reticent

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 07/09/2020

Je vous conseille fortement de jeter une oreille sur The Oubliette, un concept album parlant de la maladie d'alzheimer qui se situe dans la veine de Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Katatonia, The Contortionist ou encore King Crimson. L'album sort le 25 septembre chez Heaven & Hell Records.

Le chanteur et guitariste de The Reticent, Chris Hathcock dit à propos de cet album :

"As with my previous album, I hope that ‘The Oubliette’ will provide listeners with a rich and emotionally challenging audio experience. This is undoubtedly the most ambitious record The Reticent has attempted to date. The hope is that listeners will be personally affected by the music on a deep level and that it may draw some attention to a disease that is frighteningly prominent but frequently poorly understood. There will be moments that are soothing and there will be moments that are overwhelming.. The story I have to tell is not a happy one but it is an important one - and it is often through the pain that we find the most profound reflection and calls to action.”

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