2020-09-14 - Fire Eater
14/09/2020 - Fire Eater
2020-09-14 - Fire Eater
Fire Eater

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 14/09/2020

Maxi Curnow dévoile son nouveau single 'Fire Eater' après 'Far Gone' et 'Tar & Honey'.

"There’s something ancient and cathartic about fire. It kept us alive, gave us light, warmth, lit the painted walls of our first homes. It’s had relevance throughout my life; I’ve worked with it, played with it, I’ve used Buckley’s 'Wait in the Fire' lyric as a mantra for most of my life. I’ve been burnt and I’ve felt healed by it.

"The stories and myths about Prometheus and phoenixes will never cease to fascinate us, I think because it’s the closest thing we have to magic. It used to be an art form to make fire, now it’s so tamed that it can sit in our pockets until we decide to strike a match. But we’d be unwise to forget what it can do… With Kilns, humans manifested chemical changes and reactions with heat that began revolutions that built the world we live in now. We are where we are because of the flame."

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