2020-09-22 - Wobbler - Five Rooms
22/09/2020 - Wobbler - Five Rooms
2020-09-22 - Wobbler - Five Rooms
Wobbler - Five Rooms

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 22/09/2020

Les norvégiens de Wobber reviennent chez Karisma le 23 octobre avec Dwellers Of The Deep, un album quatre titre yessien. Voici le second morceau de l'album 'Five Rooms'.

"Five Rooms is a fast paced song that came along quickly in the rehearsal room, based on some bass ideas from Kristian. Lots of energy and interplay, but also with sacral and dreamy passages. Five Rooms was a wrap early in the process and we even tried it out live a couple of times on the From Silence To Somewhere tour. We worked a lot with the arrangement of the different sections in the song, to make it flow along and feel organic and natural, even though it bounces between here and there and is full of contrast."

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