2020-09-25 - Inertia
25/09/2020 - Inertia

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 25/09/2020

2020-09-25 - Inertia

Le groupe External revenait le 9 septembre avec leur nouveau single 'Inertia'.
Le titre figurera sur leur prochain EP Stillness qui sortira plus tard dans l'année.

During the uncertain spring of 2020, we had a bunch of music manifested out of nowhere while in isolation. We were actually in the middle of the writing sessions for our second album, but then the world just stopped, and the situation kind of inspired a whole new sound for us. Inertia is a good example of that - It’s not that metal or even progressive in the typical sense, but it seamlessly blends together lots of different influences that might initially seem far from what we typically do. The song is a fusion of modern prog, hip hop beats and piano lines evocative of modern third stream jazz as well as contemporary classical music.”

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