2020-10-07 - Photo 51
07/10/2020 - Photo 51
Photo 51

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 07/10/2020

2020-10-07 - Photo 51

Que diriez vous de cinq minutes du dernier Helion Prime ? Voici 'Photo 51' tiré de Question Everything qui sortait avant hier. Du power metal à chanteuse comme on les aime.

"We are very happy to release the final single for our album "Question Everything", which comes out one week from today! This song is called "Photo 51" and based on...Photo 51! The first photograph of DNA. This song is a favorite among the band from the new album and those who have heard it seem to claim it as a favorite as well! It might just become a new staple in our live sets! We hope you enjoy Photo 51! And thank you to Scott Kennedy from 12 Inch Media for creating it."

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