2020-10-19 - Celestial Wreaths
19/10/2020 - Celestial Wreaths
2020-10-19 - Celestial Wreaths
Celestial Wreaths

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 19/10/2020

Les portoricains d'Avandra nous dévoilent 'Celestial Wreaths' qui sera sur leur prochain album Skylighting le 20 novembre.

“This new album is the response to our current situation in the world due to everything that has happened to us. It became a voyage of loss and return through cosmic cycles in which I both searched inward and outward, combining my love for philosophy and current events into songs. We were joined this time around by keyboardist extraordinaire Vikram Shankar (Redemption, Silent Skies, Lux Terminus) who provided additional layers to the songs, taking them to a whole new level. We are really excited to share this record with all of you guys!".

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