2020-11-24 - IQ30 weekend 2011
24/11/2020 - IQ30 weekend 2011
2020-11-24 - IQ30 weekend 2011
IQ30 weekend 2011

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 24/11/2020

A la place du traditionnel concert de Noël de IQ, le groupe proposera en streaming le 12 décembre le concert de l'album Subterranea tiré du IQ30 weekend en 2011.

"In place of the postponed Christmas gigs this year IQ will be hosting an online Christmas Bash where we’ll be ‘live’ streaming another previously unseen show on 12th December (the planned night of the Dutch Christmas Bash). This time we’ll be showing the entire Subterranea concert from the IQ30 weekend in 2011, and the idea is to create, as much as possible, a live gig atmosphere.

To this end the doors will open at 19:30 and we’ll have half an hour of ‘walk-in’ music before the gig where the band will be around to talk to everyone in the chat room. Showtime at 20:00, then after the show we’ll have a ’See you in the bar’ event to chat further, groove mildly with DJ Large Marge and sink a few G&Ts… Get those wings ready and hope to see you all there!"
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