2020-12-16 - Hunting Butterflies
16/12/2020 - Hunting Butterflies
2020-12-16 - Hunting Butterflies
Hunting Butterflies

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 16/12/2020

External nous dévoilait il y a deux semaines Hunting Butterflies, le quatrième single de leur EP Stillness.

”Hunting Butterflies is perhaps the heaviest song on ’Stillness’, and one of it’s most progressive compositions. I wanted to create a whole drama arc thast would lead the listener from different moods into the final cathartic climax. The musical influences for the track were alternative metal groups such as Deftones and Mudvayne.

In the lyrics I wanted to talk about the human condition where we fondly look back to the past and dwell in nostalgia – trying to catch something that we have already lost. If we get stuck in our lost youth or some place, some person or some time, we risk to get lost in there like we would get lost in the woods. We can never return to the past, so it must be a lot easier to live our life right now with the people who are with us.”

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