2021-01-07 - All Is Not for All
07/01/2021 - All Is Not for All
All Is Not for All

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 07/01/2021

2021-01-07 - All Is Not for All

Les libanais de Anuryzm devraient sortir leur troisième album All Is Not for All cette année. Découvrez le premier single 'Ruby Demon' et son magnifique clip.

“2020 has certainly brought its host of demons. But we wanted to end the year by marking our return with a song that would resonate with everyone. 'Ruby Demon' is a labour of love which took months of composition, arrangement, scripting, and designing; and we could not have accomplished this feat without the wonderfully talented people that we call family. We truly hope that you are left in jaw-dropping amazement.”

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