2021-01-22 - The Prodigal Son
22/01/2021 - The Prodigal Son
2021-01-22 - The Prodigal Son
The Prodigal Son

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 22/01/2021

Le groupe de metal progressif Sullen sortira le 5 mars son album Nodus Tollens - Act 1: Oblivion et en attendant, voici le clip de 'The Prodigal Son' publié le 15 janvier.

"Nodus Tollens is a neologism by John Koenig used to define the feeling of insecurity that some people get when they find that their lives don't make sense anymore.

Nodus Tollens - Act 1: Oblivion portrays the apprehension of reality and the need for a paradigm shift; the realization that you're not following the arc of the story – you must go back and reread the chapters you skimmed to get to the good parts – and that all along you were supposed to choose your own adventure.

Sullen's new album establishes a sonic evolution from the band's debut, while retaining the somber nature that characterizes their music. Layered textures of fierce vocals, guitars, drums, synths and sound effects are intertwined with meditative passages, all permeated by the turmoil of changing time signatures and elusive chord progressions that make for an enticing listening experience."

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