2021-04-08 - Vadak
08/04/2021 - Vadak
2021-04-08 - Vadak

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 08/04/2021

Après Naïv l'an passé, Thy Catafalque nous livrera Vadak le 25 juin chez Season of Mist.

"Vadak is the tenth album of Thy Catafalque. The state of the world affects all of us, in my case I think it means more escapism. We, like all living creatures are like forest animals chased by death through time and many of these songs are about fleeing, hiding and running either to the past or to the unknown. The record is very colourful, with more guest musicians than ever but also pretty dark and heavy other times. The first song however is a light, nostalgic one about old summers, lost gardens and the colours of the sun, with Armenian duduk, tabla, dumbek, riq and brass."
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