Let's dream to each other
amanyth - Let's dream to each other
Titre :
Let's dream to each other
Groupe :
Sortie : 2008
Label : Inconnu
Format : CD
Genre : Metal progressif
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  • Mississipi Kite (feat Kristin Hersh)
  • A special thing (feat Calendargirl)
  • Sooner or later (feat Trifonic & Christina Courtin)
  • I was there (feat Calendargirl)
  • what i hear (feat Kristin Hersh)
  • Broken (feat Trifonic & Amelia June)
  • Moan (feat Kristin Hersh)
  • Sunrise (feat Shannon Hurley)
  • A town called kill (feat Calendargirl)
  • fortune's stranger (feat Calendargirl)
  • Just one man (feat Chris Horn)
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