Atlantropa Project
Atlantropa Project - Atlantropa Project
Titre :
Atlantropa Project
Groupe :
Atlantropa Project
Sortie : 2017
Label : Progressive Promotion Records
Format : CD
Genre : Progressif
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  • A Continent Of Joy
  • The Great Maker
  • New Sky Part I - The Plan
  • New Sky Part II - The Bridge
  • New Sky Part III - Atlantropa
  • Now Is Always Past
  • Time To Bid Goodbye Part I - A Key For Peace
  • Time To Bid Goodbye Part II - Unknown Waters
  • Time To Bid Goodbye Part III - Last Goodbye
  • They Want To Steal The Ocean
  • Thinking Further Than A Generation's Life
  • Gotta Stem The Greedy Water
  • At The Mercy Of Progress
  • Walk Across The Sea
  • Mare Nostrum Dream
  • To Understand What Understanding Means
  • When We All Speak Atlantropan
  • It's Time For New Dreams
  • Dream My Dream
  • Star Atlantropa Part I - Look To The West
  • Star Atlantropa Part II - We Still Have A Lot To Learn
  • Star Atlantropa Part III - Shining Star
  • Reprise
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