In The Name Of The Son
Enzo And The Glory Ensemble - In The Name Of The Son
Titre :
In The Name Of The Son
Groupe :
Enzo And The Glory Ensemble
Sortie : 2017
Label : ROCKSHOTS Records
Format : CD
Genre : Rock
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  • Waiting for the Son (featuring Marty Friedman)
  • The Tower of Babel (featuring Mark Zonder)
  • Luke 1,28 (featuring Brian Ashland, Mark Zonder)
  • Psalm 8 Feat. Alex Battini (Ghost City e Dark Horizon)
  • Glory to God (Feat. Amulyn, Mark Zonder, backing vocals Kobi Farhi)
  • Psalm 133 (feat. Kobi Farhi)
  • Magnificat (Feat. Amulyn, Tina Gagliotta, Marty Friedman)
  • Isaiah 53 Feat. Gary Wehrkamp.
  • Matthew 11,25 Amulyn, Mark Zonder, Giacomo Manfredi, Alexein Megas.
  • The Trial (Feat. Brian Ashland, Gary, Nicholas Leptos (Warlord), Amulyn, Derek Corzine, David Brown
  • Eternal Rest (Feat. Marty Friedman, backing vocals Kobi Farhi and Enzo)
  • Te Deum (feat. Ralf Scheepers Nicholas Leptos)
  • If Not You (feat. Amulyn, Gary Werkhamp, Nicholas Leptos, Brian Ashland, Ralf Scheepers, Mark Zonder
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