Stairway to Valhalla
Nanowar of Steel - Stairway to Valhalla
Titre :
Stairway to Valhalla
Groupe :
Nanowar of Steel
Sortie : 2018
Label : autoproduction
Format : CD
Genre : Métal
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  • Declination [Intro]
  • Barbie, MILF Princess of the Twilight – feat. Fabio Lione
  • The Call of Cthulhu
  • Heavy Metal Kibbles
  • Il Maestro Myagi Di Pino [Interlude]
  • L’Opelatole Ecologico
  • Images and Swords [Interlude]
  • In the Sky
  • …And Then I Noticed That She was a Gargoyle
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Vegan Velociraptor
  • Another Drill In The Wall [Interlude]
  • Ironmonger (The Copier of the Seven Keys)
  • Bum Voyage [Interlude]
  • Uranus
  • The Crown and the Onion Ring [Interlude]
  • The Quest for Carrefour
  • Hail to Liechtenstein – feat. Alessandro Del Vecchio
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