Interview de Seven Impale EN le 29/09/2014
The young musicians of Seven Impale are quite occupied at the time with the promotion of City of the Sun. They nevertheless took time to answer collectively to the running fire of Togo Chubb’s questions!

Henri : Hi everybody, and thanks for granting us this interview.

Seven Impale : It's our pleasure!

Seven Impale

Henri : In Neoprog, we were very impressed by City of the Sun. But, by the way, what’s the weather in Bergen, the city of the sun?

Seven Impale : At the moment it is actually sunny (which is unusual since the annual amount of rain in Bergen often is over 2500 mm). It is a bit windy though, but sunglasses weather is still good weather!

Henri : City of the Sun, your second album, is released by Karisma Records on September 1st. Listening to it, on feels more quality than on the first EP, Beginning/Relieve. The label seems to believe in you and Iver Sandoy’s production (Enslaved, Krakow) looks like having boosted your music and creativity. How did the recording worked out?

Seven Impale : It was superb match both musically and socially. The recording started with several meetings with a couple of beers discussing music and, of course, beer. He was at some of the band rehearsals and then we recorded a preproduction demo in May 2013 before we did some rearranging. The recording started in July with the recording of the framework of the music which we recorded live with everyone. It gave the rhythmic and sound of the record a more natural and alive feel!
Along the couple of next months after the first session we experimented a lot to find the special sound of the "city of the sun". It was great process and working with Iver on this was especially great fun and gave it the signature we needed.

Seven Impale

Henri : Your music is tinged with many types (progressive, jazz, metal, oriental, blues…). How do you characterize Seven Impale?

Seven Impale : There is a lot of people who have used the word eclectic about our music. We also think that's a good word to describe it as well. We would also say that curiosity is a good word to use as well. It is basically a mix of all the music we love, and that is a lot of different genres, bands, eras and so on!

Henri : There’s also a large variety of progressive influences: King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Meshuggah, Pink Floyd, Van der Graaf Generator, Porcupine Tree…What’s the test to come to terms with those influences and make a peculiar sound of it?

Seven Impale : Especially Zappa, Floyd and Meshuggah are big influences! For us it’s more the language of music of the different artist we want to use. Therefore understanding music in it's theoretical form is key to communicate! It has taken many years and hundreds and hundreds of hours at the rehearsal room to be only briefly near the quality of such artists!

Henri : Is it easy, 6 musicians working together?

Seven Impale : Well, musically it is a joy to work together. Perhaps it's the things that are not a part of the music that is the hardest. That be communication about who is going to do this or that (interviews, applications for grants, booking aso.). There is always something to be better at, but we are 6 really good friends so there is great being in this band!

Seven Impale

Henri : So, who’s the seventh impaled? Where does this strange name come from?

Seven Impale : Hehe! The seventh would be Iver Sandøy or perhaps Jessica Harrison (Erlend's girlfriend and the bands "mom"). Both are very worthy that "honor"!
The name was founded by Stian (the singer/guitarist) while sitting on a bus while thinking about starting a new musical project. The meaning is perhaps in a way a bit religion critical as the number 7 is a symbolical number and the word impale (empaler) is describing how religion often "impales" human beings and give them no chance to make their own choices of life.

Henri : The epic last track, “God Left Us for a Black-Dressed Woman”, is particularly impressive, with style changes, different atmospheres, beauty of the lyrics, pleasant fragility of the voices, and inspired instrumental parts. How was elaborated this purple passage?

Seven Impale : This song somehow wrote itself in the way that the material we started with was an easy one to work with. It also made it a lot easier when we decided to not have any time restrictions.

Seven Impale

Henri : Norwegian progressive scene is particularly well stocked with bands as, Nordagust, Soup, Magic Pie, Gazpacho! Are you in contact with those bands (the first two work with Karisma label too)?

Seven Impale : Actually not. We are quite fresh and probably quite a lot younger than most of the bands in the prog genres (average age is for us 22/23).

Henri : With the release of the album, you’ll got to go on a tour. Is France one of the countries you will visit?

Seven Impale : We would love to come out and play, and France is absolutely a country we would love to play! Being that fresh in the game it is a bit overwhelming the whole business and how to get gigs abroad, but it is an ambition!

Seven Impale

Henri : Some words in French for our readers?

Seven Impale : Bien sûr! Peut-être ça va être incompréhensible, mais d'accord : Nous sommes très fiers de notre album et nous espérons que vous l'aimez aussi ! De plus, on adorerait jouer en France ! Á très bientôt !

Henri : Thanks, we’ll keep in touch and recommend City of the Sun, one of the major 2014 album according to Neoprog!

Seven Impale : Thank you so much! We are very happy to know you enjoy our music!

Seven Impale

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