Interview de Legacy Id EN le 22/10/2014
Lettish band Legacy ID recently presented on stage their first album, Genesis, on their home grounds in Riga. Having reviewed and having liked this first opus (, the opportunity was perfect to ask them some questions. Ivars Logins, the drummer, was nice to play the game...

Henri : Sveiki draugi! Thank you for granting us this interview. How are you after this concert of presentation of Genesis?

Ivars Logins : The album launch even was great! It was a long awaited event we meticulously prepared for. It was very well organised by BeInspired Agency, everything was in place for our friends from Biomorph and us to put on a show, and have some fun doing it. The turnout was great, the place was packed.
It was an important step for us, but it feels as if we’ve just passed the first milestone. The work has just begun. Now that we have set the bar quite high for us, we have to keep raising it. And that’s what we’re working on right now.

Ivars Logins

Henri : When we listen to your album, we feel that your music is first made to be played on stage. How is your relationship with the public during the gigs?

Ivars Logins : We create our music playing live together in a studio, that’s where the magic happens. And that’s what the audience can take part in when we perform live – the same magic! The energy we put into it, that even the most excellent of recordings sometimes cannot fully transmit to the listener. And then the energy feedback from the audience, when they feel it and join in – it feeds us and gives us even more energy to give out! It’s a mutual experience! Sometimes it’s instant, from the first beat of the first song. Sometimes if builds gradually, riff by riff, song by song, until a breakdown hits a sweet spot and we unite with the listener in a mutual understanding.
Another aspect I have to mention, which plays a big part in memorable show nights and performances for the audience, is our frontman Andis. He is very stage-wise; he knows how to keep the audience on their toes, but does not force too much on them; he moves and grooves, and inspires others to follow his example, but does not cross the line of silliness by rolling on the floor in tears or screaming hatred onto the audience as if they were the enemy.

Ivars Logins

Henri : It’s your first album, and yet, much maturity is felt. How did the composition and the recording occur?

Ivars Logins : This album has been almost ten years into making, so, in a way, it’s not new. Some of the songs on the album come from the very beginnings, so they have been revisited and freshened up several times. And another aspect that helps us to be taken seriously and perceived as a mature band is that, despite our young overall age, all of us have been into music since early childhood, so we consider ourselves experienced musicians.

Ivars Logins

Henri : The lyrics show existential, but such social concerns. You are politically engaged, active?

Ivars Logins : As a band in general – no. Individually - hard to say. Most of the time we spend together, we rehearse or share ideas. Subject wise - Since Latvia is an ex-soviet country, the subject of being a subject to ruling political, economic, and sometimes even militant powers, has always been a relevant one. We, as a band, are not politically active as in promoting any specific movements or parties, but we are not blind to what happens around us, it leaves a mark, and leaves us with something to say.
For example, the song "Collateral Damage" addresses a very recent event that shook the nation of Latvia and left us devastated. It was the collapse of a supermarket, full of people. More than 50 died. All because someone saved money on buying some building permits. Some bribed a safety check official. No one really knows. And no one was found guilty. But more than 50 people became “collateral” – acceptable loss. Pawns in someone’s power play. And the game goes on.

Henri : Which ones are the hopes according to a young Lettish prog band?

Ivars Logins : I think the common hope is to achieve the level of success necessary for this to become our main and only job. Writing music and pushing our limits. And if we get to see the world, meet new people, and broaden our horizons while doing it – it makes it all that much sweeter.
Another hope would be to proudly carry the name of Latvia into the world, onto the big stages, showing the world that great things can be found even in the least expected places. And to share a stage with some of our idols would be fantastic.

Ivars Logins

Henri : The second album is often most difficult. You have already ideas for this one?

Ivars Logins : Yes, even more than the first, to be honest. Now that we have found our niche, it has a kind of “snowball effect” – things just flow and happen naturally. Our job is to stay on top of it.
The new material is even more various musically. I think some will be surprised to hear, it’s all performed by the same band. We wanted our heavy riffs to become even heavier and our melodies even braver. And so it has. We are excited to see, where this road leads us.

Ivars Logins

Henri : Do you have plans to play your music in foreign countries? In Western part of Europe, for example?

Ivars Logins : We have several great relationships building with people from all over, not only with likeminded friends such as yourself, but with fellow musicians and bands we could join our forces with on tours. I think it’s only a matter of time. We like to consider things carefully, not rush into the first open door. But, when we do hit the road, it will be in full force, almost like a crusade, converting non-believers to our faith in progressive music everywhere we go and leaving a footprint every step of the way!

Henri : I find your visuals very well done, in particular your tee-shirts (moreover, could I get one? lol). No, more seriously, you undertake yourselves these questions or do you have a team?

Ivars Logins : We have a great visual artist working with us, who understands us, our way of thinking. She is great, very talented and very professional.
Usually, we brainstorm to come up with some concepts. Then we share the agreed concept with the artist, who then offers us a few variations of concept, put into visual ideas. And from that, we get a theme or a direction to revolve everything else around.

Ivars Logins

Henri : Well, while waiting to see you touring towards on our ground and hearing the future opus, thank you so much for answering our questions.

Ivars Logins : Thank You very much for taking interest in us. It’s inspiring to now, that we are accepted and awaited abroad. It just goes to prove that music is a universal language, and that what we have to say, can be heard and understood thousands of miles away, at the same, shrinking the distance to a song.

Ivars Logins

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