Interview de Profusion EN le 13/01/2015
Interview of the italian band Profusion before the release of their next album Phersu.

Jean-Christophe : Hi Profusion, it was so nice to see and hear you again at the Progressive Promotion Festival in September, how are you now?

Profusion : Pleasure is ours in being able to participate at an important event like Progressive Promotion Festival. We found lot passion and love for prog music from people who organized it to the ones who came joining. These are good things for music and heart. We’re all ok at the moment, ty! We’re happily busy after the new release or our third album.


Jean-Christophe : Phersu, your third album, will be released this winter, is it a conceptual one?

Profusion : Not at all. It’s not a concept album, at least not in the stardard way to think about it. Album is a mix of stories not melted by a unique theme. This “tales” talk about a different character that belongs to the contemporary western society. Each character is a “mask”, an entity which shows an group of peculiarities, values and contraddictions that belong to his own “social kind”. The title itslef , “Phersu”, is an etrurian mythological figure from which comes the latin word “persona” that litterary means character/personality. We has represented it, as our free interpretation, on Phersu’s cover: Ohersi is a mix between a stone etrurian man’s face and a modern plastic woman’s dummy. It’s a representation of contrasts that are developed inside the album through every track.

Jean-Christophe : You talked to me about the release of a very special single before the album, with also videos, can you talk about it, if not too early, and explain the idea?

Profusion : This video will probably come together with the album release or immediately after. This won’t be a classical music video but a sort of short film. The story will be revealed together with the album release so we’re not going to say much more. It’s really intriguing for us and we hope you will enjoy it as well.


Jean-Christophe : On Phersu, there’s a second voice, Anita Rachvelishvili, a famous lyrical singer, could you detail how this incredible adventure occured?

Profusion : (Vladimer) : I’ve get in contact with Anita accidentally, I wanted to listen to Bizet - Carmen opera. I’ve found Anita’s cversion on youtube. I noticed her name was Georgian and I continue listen to her. Anita was so amazing!
Having found on facebook her official page, I wrote her my congratulations. Few hours later she personally answered me and from there our friendship is born. Anita is also a big fan of rock music and my proposal to partecipate to this album was unevitable. She loves challenges just as Profusion and so we found ourselves to collaborate in a track where rock and classical singing melt together. That reflects our eclectic way to build up the album!


Jean-Christophe : There are rumours about a deal between you and the german label Progressive Promotion Records. Is there no structure for prog in Italy to choose PPR for promoting your music all around the world?

Profusion : There are few labels for our music genre in Italy. Progressive in Italy is solely intended as Italian Prog Rock that is already considered as elite. That’s why we’ve found interest only outside our country.
There’s nothing definitive with Oliver Wenzler, PPR CEO. He is a very good person and we all appreciate him for letting us have some space into PPR Festival. He seems to be interested in our music and on our side we’re doing our best to make a great brand new album. We hope he doesn’t change his mind in the meanwhile!! Hello OLI!!! :)


Jean-Christophe : How could you describe Profusion’s music? You call it Eclectic Music, what does it mean ?

Profusion : Yes, we like to call ourself as an Eclectic Music or Eclectic Rock band. Eclectic music give us the possibility to have no genre boundaries, and permits us to influence a single track with different compositions that go from classical music, to jazz, to metal, to folk etc. Also in progressive music there’s a trend called Eclectic prog, many groups are classified as it like: King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator, Gentle Giant, ecc., but we feel not to belong to that trend. We should more easily say that we’re following a “profusion of music”.

Jean-Christophe : There are so many influences in your music: classical, metal, folk, rock… Could you tell us how you do work during the writing process of an album? From which horizons come the ideas?

Profusion : Our writing process is really simple. generally we start with a rhythm or melodic idea (by piano usually). We build a first arrangement with other instruments to complete the whole thing. After that we listen to results and if it’s ok at our ears we proceed with making a voice line and define better all the rest. We don’t start recording with a definitive idea by the way. Our last fine tuning are made during the studio recordings.
Why so much music genre? Maybe because each one of us has different backgrounds, really different. All we think when composing is to make something that’s beautiful for our mutual common taste.

Jean-Christophe : I had the luck to see you two times live, one in prog Sud 2013 and one in PPR Festival 2014. But I didn’t notice that you were playing in so many places, why: no time for that, not enough offers at all ?

Profusion : Yes, we don’t have much lives, we’re still a quite unknown band and there are not much possibility to make lives in italy. Especially in Tuscany, our region, where progressive concerts are rare. That’s why our only opportunities to perform come from other countries and we’re really happy to partecipate to them :).

Jean-Christophe : Italian culture is very present in your music, but most of the time, lyrics are in English. Why, as so many bands, did you choose this langage to write songs? You think it’s better to spread your music all over the word ?

Profusion : Yes, definitely. We think that English is the language which better helps us share our music worldwide. After all there’s not interest in Italy for our music and English matches good with our sound too.

Jean-Christophe : One Piece Puzzle, your very first album, self-produced, is now impossible to find in a CD edition, is there any chance to get a reedition one day ?

Profusion : To be sincere, One Piece Puzzle, is stamped at the moment by us (about 300 copies) and we didn’t think to make a new edition. This is why we feel it as little old. Our band has really changed from that times and our economical possibilities are limited. We’re not exluding the idea of a future reedition. It would be nice idea to record it again.

Jean-Christophe : To conclude, after Phersu release, are you going to play live to promote the album, a chance to hear you in France or near - Germany is not too far away for me 8-)

Profusion : We have not stated a definitive tour yet. We would be very happy to come back to France. We found french public at ProgSud as one of the best audience in all our carrier. Maybe some of our French friends can help us come back to perform soon. For sure we’ll get in contact at least to drink a beer together ;)

Jean-Christophe : Thanks for your music and time.

Profusion : Thanks a lot JC! It’s been a pleasure for us! :)

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