30/04/2009 - Lavenir d'ARENA
Lavenir d'ARENA

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 30/04/2009

Voici un petit mot de Clive Nollan sur l'avenir du groupe ARENA, rien de bien réjouissant en fait même si il n'y a pas d'annonce de séparation :

Many of you have been asking what's the current Arena status. Clive gives a few hints about what's happening with Arena:

After working hard with Arena for about ten years, both Mick and I felt it was time to take a break. We both had things we wanted to do, and while it was easier for other band members to go off and play with other projects, we were kind of 'strapped to the mast'. So, after 'Pepper's Ghost', it was time to put things on ice for a while.

Naturally, when breaks like this happen, everyone fills the gaps with other things, so it becomes harder to gather everyone together again. However, we are all now ready to move forward with Arena.

Has Arena split up? No, not at all!
Are there plans for Arena to do anything new? Yes
When will there be a new album? That is impossible to answer right now. It depends on how fast we write the album.

Mick and I had a short meeting before he went off on tour with the 'Script', and we agreed that we would meet again (after the Shadowland tour and some Caamora dates..;), and start writing this elusive seventh album!
We do have a few bits of material already, and I have a concept and a title, so things have already started. It's just a matter of regaining the time we need.

I can tell you that the next album will be pretty dark (no surprises there!), and deals with some awkward themes.

You want something exclusive?...ok..... The next Arena album will be called....

The Tinder Box
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