2014-01-26 - Après The Gathering Unitopia
26/01/2014 - Après The Gathering Unitopia
2014-01-26 - Après The Gathering Unitopia
Après The Gathering Unitopia

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 26/01/2014

Le début d'année est bien sombre, après que The Gathering annonce une pause qui ressemble furieusement à une dissolution du groupe, les australien d'Unitiopia mettent la clef sous la porte pour se consacrer à des projets personnels.

Espérons que ces projets vaudront la peine, parce que là c'est dur...

Hello and Happy New Year to all our Unitopian fans!!

We hope you had a happy and safe holiday period and enjoyed lots of time spent with family and friends.

Here’s a quick update on what’s been happening with Unitopia over the past few months…

Firstly, Mark and I have decided to call an end to Unitopia.

We’ve had a pretty full on run for a few years now and have decided that the time is right to pursue other projects. Mark and I are still the best of friends and there’s been no ‘falling out’. This is a creative decision and we hope that you, our loyal fans will continue to support both Mark and I with our individual projects.

This is not to say that there won’t be any new Unitopia music in the near future. Just the opposite in fact! Matt is busy working on the More Than a Dream Expanded, Revisited and Re-mastered edition and it’s about 60% complete. He’s doing an amazing job re-working the songs and I’m sure that everyone will be blown away when they hear it. We won’t promise a release date, as we don’t want to disappoint. Let’s just say that it will be sometime next year.

Also, we have an epic song on the next Decameron concept album released later this year on the Musea label...more details to follow.

The Turn Left project has been shelved, but some of the songs that have been written will appear on Mark’s and my solo projects.

I would like to personally thank a few people who have been incredibly supportive along the way...I couldn't have done it without you!

Firstly, I would like to thank my song-writing partner and brother, Mark. Meeting you all those years ago was one of the best things that have happened in my life and even though Unitopia is at an end, our friendship and love for each other will remain forever. You were always the guiding light in the band, full of vision and passion for the music and our musical relationship. It’s fair to say that I never would have achieved the level of success in the progressive music world if it hadn’t been for your belief in what we did and your constant energy and motivation. Your voice is amazing, but even more so, your heart is beautiful. I will always remember the great times we had. Thank you my friend and brother.

Secondly, the Queen Bee of Unitopia herself...drum roll please... Patsy Delledonne!!!!
Patsy has worked tirelessly over the past 5 years for up to 30 hours a week for us simply because she believed in what we were doing as much as, if not more than we did. Without her help there would be no website, no Facebook page, no online store, probably no 2010 tour and definitely nowhere near as much fun.
Words cannot express the impact you've had on Unitopia. We thank you with everything we have. Although Unitopia is no longer a going concern, Patsy will be helping Sean with his new band, so no doubt you'll all be hearing from her soon!

Thirdly, a huge thanks to all the players both past and present that have lent their not inconsiderable talents to all of the albums. In no particular order...

Matt Williams, Tim Irrgang, David Hopgood, Craig Kelly, Daniel Burgess, Peter Raidel, Shireen Khemlani, Monty Ruggiero, Neusa Georgiou, Mike Stewart, Jamie Jones, Shaun Duncan, Pat Schirripa, Con Delo, Timothy Sexton, Amicus Strings, Amanda Timms, Holly Trueack, Brad Polain, Steve Portolesi, Carolyn Lam, Paul Fisher, Ian Ritchie, Rod Enniss, Kris Guglielmucci, Mike Guglielmucci plus anyone else we may have inadvertently missed. You've made the music live!

Thirdly, to the eighth member...Ed Unitsky. Thank you for all your amazing artwork over the years, the design of our logo and your constant support and friendship...that includes you Olga and Katya!

Also we would like to thank InsideOut Music, Unicorn Records and Musea, Reingold Records and Just For Kicks...all of which believed in our music that much that they put their money where their mouth was and released our music to the world!

Thanks to Nick Gielkens, Stephen Lambe, The CRS, John Vis, and everyone who helped make the 2010 tour of the UK and Europe such a resounding success.

Thanks to Paul De Ruiter. RIP Paul... you are greatly missed.

Thanks also to our publishing company Perfect Pitch Publishing and Clive and Peter.

Thanks to Janine at Timms Tunes who is the only person to have listened to all of our music as much as we have... not by choice, but by proximity :-)

Thanks to Andy Young for the support and radio airplay and to Calum & Graham for your loyalty and enthusiasm.

Huge thanks to Bruno Dubois at and Tony Romero (DJ Tony) for their endless support on their radio shows.

Jutta Fassbinder for her help during the tour and her support and friendship.
Keith Waye for being one of our biggest fans.
Melanie Shiffman for her promotional help.
Billy at Glass Onyon PR.
Mike Ionas at MMS for his help, his availability and his professionalism.
Bert Treep for his wonderful photos.

All the photographers, reviewers, promoters and interviewers who helped spread the word.

Jerry Ewing from Classic Rock Presents Prog. Thanks for the interviews, reviews and support.

Thanks to all our families who have not only allowed us the time to do this but have also been incredibly supportive.

And lastly... thanks to all our fans who have bought, played and enjoyed our music. You are an amazing group of people and we hope to provide you with lots of new music that you hopefully will enjoy just as much as you have enjoyed Unitopia!

If I’ve forgotten anyone, then I humbly apologise. Please know that in whatever way you helped us, it’s gratefully appreciated and we’re eternally grateful.

All the cd's & dvd will still be available to purchase althought the shop might be transferred to another website in the near future. We will let you know if and when it's the case.

That’s about it… thanks for reading until the end.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details as they come to hand.

Again, Unitopia wishes their friends & fans a Happy New Year!

Sean x

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