2016-07-12 - Danny quitte Ticket To The Moon
12/07/2016 - Danny quitte Ticket To The Moon
Danny quitte Ticket To The Moon

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 12/07/2016

2016-07-12 - Danny quitte Ticket To The Moon

Daniel Gosteli, le batteur et membre fondateur de Ticket To The Moon, quitte le groupe.

"I decided to leave the band… This was a very hard decision to take, as I love what we did and the band members got very close friends.

I founded Ticket to the Moon with Andy back in 2003. We didn’t know anything. We were full of passion, dreams and ideas. Now, in 2016 and after releasing out 2nd album, I’m looking back and I am so proud of what we created, what process we went through. We have a long and meaningful past together. Thirteen years of many ups and downs. I have lots of terrific memories. Memories of working with people who are fun, talented and enthusiastic.

I’ve come to this conclusion, cause I was „dancing on too many weddings at the same time“ (as we say in Switzerland *smile*). I guess lot of you know exactly what I mean; we can do everything, but while we do everything a little, we can’t do anything really well (expect you are a genius, which I’m not). More than three years ago, I decided to follow my childhood-dream; to become an actor. And so I went into an actor-school for the past three years. Now I am thirty-three years old, I have a beautiful wife and son and I will continue the very „rocky path“ of an actor. But that means to focus and working very hard to be able to move on.

Leaving the band is one of many decisions I had to take. And the band needs to go on as well. I can not live up to these expectations, cause Ticket to the Moon is growing, becoming more professional and ambitious, which is the only true way to continue that journey. Doing what we did so far means giving everything. As it is with becoming a working actor.

Making music is for me one of the most rewarding and therefore important things in life. I will always keep on making music. But just not for now.

I wish the band all the best to find a drummer and courage to move froward.

Guys, keep on rocking and THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

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