2016-09-02 - Flying over Cities
02/09/2016 - Flying over Cities
2016-09-02 - Flying over Cities
Flying over Cities

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 02/09/2016

Not A Good Sign vient de réaliser le clip de 'Flying over Cities', le troisième titre de From A Distance que nous avions découvert l'an passé.

Flying over cities
Time’s flowing back
Walk through empty streets
You will see just ruins
Under a dim light
Black rain falling down
No room for sorrow
No grief allowed

Enjoy the end of this world
killed by your race

A purple curtain
is hiding guilt
If men were wiser
they’d dig their own graves
No more false warnings
No more quiet waters
You want to be safe
but you fight for dust

Last night I dreamed my life
was flowing back again
Enjoy this barren landscape
That’s what you sowed

Time flows back again
but your fate is lost now
in your flesh
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