2016-12-05 - Time de Cirrha Niva
05/12/2016 - Time de Cirrha Niva
Time de Cirrha Niva

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 05/12/2016

2016-12-05 - Time de Cirrha Niva

Fin mai nous recevions l'album Out of the Freakshow de Cirrha Niva que nous avons finalement chroniqué assez tardivement. Voici 'Time', une nouvelle vidéo tirée de cet album.

"All the seemingly not to overcome problems teenagers face while growing up against a not understanding society. Only the Stars they read about in glossy zine's and see on silver screens get what they are going through.
We see a star because it shone a long time ago and it's light travelled through time and space. We see a Star because they shine now in zine's and on tv. Time will take all that stardom, leaving a black hole for both.
For the teenager time will be a Friend that eventually will take care of all the problems only Stars know about.
Time is a wonderful friend... "
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