2018-01-19 - IAM
19/01/2018 - IAM
2018-01-19 - IAM

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 19/01/2018

MDS présentait hier soir 'IAM', un morceau et un clip qui sera présent sur leur prochain album, The last Chance.

I’m not the industrial technology,
The latest trendy phone, a new appli,
I’m not the spams in my Email address
I’m not at high speed, the human stress.
I’m not a virtual friend on twiter,
I’m not a wide screen, computer.
I’m not the urban pollution,
I’m not the contamination.
I’m not a continent of plastic
Drifting across the north Pacific.
I’m not petroleum extraction,
I’m not the road of mass destruction
I’m not.
I’m not the companies’ profits,
Speculation and banks’ credits
Not their stock exchange rates
I’m not the smog, the nitrates.

I’m the wind blowing on the cheek
I m the rain on the face, the creek,
I’m the ocean, the ice floy,
I’m the starry sky, the night,
The forest, the mist, the leaves,
The clearing lost in the trees,
the grass swaying in the breeze,
the ivy, the hawthorn,
a summer thunderstorm.

What should we do ? What should we do ?
What can we do ? What can we do ?
when everything we believe
is under attack, one thing in mind ?
Out for profit !
To escape to, another gravity ?
Leave this world in this agony ?

Wake up, it’s not too late !

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