2019-10-22 - The Future Bites Tour
22/10/2019 - The Future Bites Tour
The Future Bites Tour

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2019-10-22 - The Future Bites Tour

Steven Wilson repart en tournée en septembre 2020 avec une date au Zénith de Paris le lundi 21 septembre 2020. Une édition limitée de son sixième album sera disponible pour l'occasion.

Attention : les réservations pour les concerts débutent vendredi.

“Every time I make a new album, it's hugely important for me that it holds a unique place in my catalogue and won't simply be more of the same. Moving into the third decade of the 21st century and my second decade as a touring solo artist, it felt like time to apply the same philosophy to the live experience. I want to challenge myself to create something that confronts my own notions (and hopefully the audience's too) of how to present my music in a concert situation. This has become The Future Bites - a series of special events at larger venues, something on a grander and more immersive scale. I'm already hugely excited about them!” - SW

17 - Motorpoint Arena Nottingham, UK
19 - The O2, London, UK
21 - Zenith Paris - La Villette, France
23 - Mediolanum Forum, Milan, Italy
25 - König-Pilsener-ARENA, Oberhausen, Germany
26 - Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany
28 - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Holland
30 - COS Torwar, Warsaw, Poland
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