2020-01-02 - Perfect Beings se sépare
02/01/2020 - Perfect Beings se sépare
Perfect Beings se sépare

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 02/01/2020

2020-01-02 - Perfect Beings se sépare

Nous commençons l'année par une bien triste nouvelle. Le groupe Perfect Beings annonçait sa séparation le 17 décembre dernier par ce message :

"Dear Perfect Beings fans,

End of a decade - end of an era. As some of you may have already put together, it is time to announce that Perfect Beings have disbanded. We thank you for your support throughout the past 6 years, as we could not have done any of this without you.

We did have a few artistic differences when we started to approach our next record. Our deal with InsideOut/Sony had run it’s course. So in the end we agreed that it would be better to go out on a high note, rather than forcing something that didn’t come naturally. Also, being a musician and supporting oneself as an independent artist has become increasingly harder since the rise of popular streaming platforms. This simple fact had also put a strain on us (and presumably many other artists), trying to make a living by creating and playing original music.

All that said, we will continue individually as artists in one form or another. Jesse just released an amazing album titled Mono Sources (, Ryan has been involved with the Resonance Experience and has been creating immersive, meditative music (, Ben is engaged in various cool projects in and around LA ( and Johannes ( is currently conceptualizing a jazz album.

So please stay in touch and keep checking in with us. We will always look forward to hear from you. If you are looking to buy some PB music, we still have all three albums in various formats, as well as T-shirts for PBII and Vier, available at

Happy Holidays and onward to a great 2020,

Johannes, Jesse, Ryan and Ben."
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