2020-02-24 - To Live To Kill To Live
24/02/2020 - To Live To Kill To Live
2020-02-24 - To Live To Kill To Live
To Live To Kill To Live

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 24/02/2020

Manticora annonce sont neuvième album To Live To Kill To Live pour le 28 août prochain, la suite de leur concept album To Kill To Live To Kill commencé en 2018.

"6 years in the making, and now we're looking at the wrapping up of this huge project of ours. It feels really good to finally being able to round things off, but at the same time, it's strangely sad that we can see the end of this. So many things have happened during the last 6 years - both within the band, our personal lives and with the music industry. We have toured around the globe and played huge festivals on the basis of the first of these 2 albums, and I seriously can't see, why we shouldn't do it again!

Having developed a project like this - from the first written words from Lars, to the first riffs from me and the boys - has been a huge experience for all of us. We've matured a lot as a band in the process and at the same time learned many new things along the way. Doing such a huge concept is an immense and time-consuming project and it is now reaching its zenith. All of us have a feeling that "this could very well be our best effort yet" and we are beyond proud of what we have achieved with these 2 albums and the novel."

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