2020-03-31 - The Long Dream I
31/03/2020 - The Long Dream I
The Long Dream I

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 31/03/2020

2020-03-31 - The Long Dream I

Le groupe australien Ebonivory sortira le 5 juin leur album The Long Dream I chez Wild Thing Records.

1 Introduction
2 Hanmer Street
3 Persist
4 Patting the Black Dog
5 Cats
6 A Colour I’m Blind To
7 Sea Sons
8 In Reverie
9 Window Man
10 Explosions After Dark
11 Tales of Termina
12 The Bluegums
13 Introvection

"We are absolutely beaming with excitement knowing that the first instalment of our upcoming 2-part album, The Long Dream will finally see the light of day on the 5th of June. Entirely self-produced over the course of 4 years, The Long Dream became infused with self-referential hardship and internal disaster that only further serves its story. Every song presents a completely unique reimagining of what progressive music is capable of, while maintaining cohesive melodic bonds like a sequence of dreams that makes perfect sense, but only until you commit it to words. It is a twisting journey that weaves through depression and elation; past, present, and future. This album is the cornerstone of EBONIVORY. It encompasses everything we are passionate about as a band, and represents our leap of faith into the raging storm that is the modern music industry".
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