2020-07-17 - Moments
17/07/2020 - Moments
2020-07-17 - Moments

Rédigé par Jean-Christophe le 17/07/2020

Après Perseverance, un EP en 2014, le groupe de power metal italien From The Depth nous présente leur album dix titres Moments, disponible le 28 août chez Rockshots.

Recommandé aux amateurs des groupes Firewind, Kamelot ou Labyrinth.

"This is a very “motivational” song in terms of lyrics, we always try to give good messages to our fans and this is no exception. The way to find your inner strengths can be hard and full of barriers, but you don’t have to fear them, you must fight and react to reach your goals. The motivational mood of the lyrics perfectly fits the heavy riffing of the song without neglecting melody and the overall harmony mindset that’s our real “trade-mark”.

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