A Forest of Fey
Gandalf's Fist - A Forest of Fey
Titre :
A Forest of Fey
Groupe :
Gandalf's Fist
Sortie : 2014
Label : autoproduction
Format : CD
Genre : Néo-progressif
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  • Childhood Ghosts
  • Gardens of the Lost
  • A Forest of Fey (Including Wisdom of the Reptile and the Lament for a Silent Verse)
  • The Figure Speaks
  • The World We Created
  • The Circus in the Clearing (Including the Fanfare for the King's Tournament)
  • Blood for a Royal Pardon
  • Drifter on the Edge of Time
  • Forest Rose (Coming Home)
  • Return from the Tournament
  • Stories Old and Stories Told (Of Children Brave and Children Bold)
  • A Poison Tree